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Intelligent Satellite Terminal MCG-101 The MCG-101 was designed to provide the most powerful and versatile Iridium communications system to offices, remote locations, aircraft, and maritime. The system provides an intelligent solution for Smartphones, iOS or Android to operate as a Satellite telephone, Internet gateway, intelligent GPS device, send/receive SMS, and attach to other devices through RS232 and ethernet. Overall, the MCG-101 is the ultimate Iridium telecommunications system available to fulfill the needs and demands of today’s business, marine, and military needs.
USD $1,999.99
Using Basic Features
 Phone Calls

Using Advanced Features
 SBD to GSatTrack
 SMS to GSatTrack
 SMS to Email

Firewall Settings
 Disabling Built In Firewall
 Network>Firewall>Firewall Rules - The firewall on the aurora is setup to block all traffic to the internet except for XGate and  XWeb, so it must be disabled if you want unrestricted access to the internet. Check the rules named "ALL" and "DNS" (they are  unchecked by default) and click "Save and Apply". This will enable all traffic to pass through the firewall.

Iridium Auto Connect
 Setup Iridium To Connect On Any Traffic
 Follow the instructions above to disable the built in firewall, then proceed with the following steps
 Network>PPP>Settings>PPP - Enable PPP to monitor traffic and connect on demand by enabling the "on demand" feature. PPP will  connect as soon as the unit boots, and then it will disconnect if there is no traffic for 60 seconds (configurable). It will  reconnect when it sees traffic.

AT Command Interface to Iridium
 If you have an application where you would like to send SBD, SMS, or other AT commands directly on the Iridium modem for your  application, you can do so by connecting to the Ethernet port or via WiFi and creating a TCP socket to the unit which will be  translated to the serial port of the unit. You cannot use this interface for dialup data because there is no flow control for  packets from your application to the Iridium modem on this port. RUDICS applications could possibly operate over this port on a  case by case basis because of the lack of flow control.
System capabilities include all major PBX specifications


Traditional Telephony
 MF and DTMF support

Environmental Requirements
 Operating temperature:
 32 to 113ºF (0 to 45ºC)

Storage temperature:
 -13 to 158ºF (-25 to 70ºC)

Operating relative humidity:
 10 to 85% (noncondensing)

Operating altitude:
 up to 10,000 ft (3000m)

Storage altitude:
 up to 15,000 ft (4500m)

ESD Standards
 Iridium 9523:
 Human Body Model 2kV and Machine Model 200V ESD protection.

GPS port
 ESD sensitive port only when antenna not connected.

2x WiFi ports:
 ESD sensitive port only when antenna not connecte
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