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Peplink Max BR1 Classic The MAX BR1 features an indoor metallic enclosure and a built-in 4G LTE or 3G cellular modem that delivers high-speed connectivity anywhere, without extra equipment. Protected by an all-weather outdoor enclosure, the MAX BR1 IP55 includes a built-in 4G LTE or 3G cellular modem, while the MAX BR2 IP55 offers two embedded cellular modems for even more speed and reliability.

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-Support for PPPoE, Static IP, DHCP
-WAN Link Health Check
-Bandwidth Allowance Monitor
-USB 4G/3G Modem Support
-Support for Dynamic DNS services
-WAN Port Convertible into LAN Port

-DHCP Server for LAN Clients
-Extended DHCP Options
-DHCP Reservation
-DNS Proxy for LAN Clients
-VLAN on LAN Support

Complete VPN Solution
-PepVPN/SpeedFusion Hot Failover/
-SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding*
-Site-to-Site VPN
-Bandwidth Aggregation*
-Hot Failover
-256-bit AES Encryption
-Pre-shared Key Authentication
-Dynamic Routing
-X.509 Certificate Support*
-IPsec VPN (Network-to-Network)
-X.509 Certificate Support*

-NAT and IP Forwarding
-Static Routes
-Port Forwarding
-Many to One, One to One NAT
-NAT Pool

Device Management
-Web Administrative Interface
-Command Line Interface
-InControl Cloud Management
-Email Notification
-Active Client & Session Lists
-Bandwidth Usage Statistics
-Syslog Service
-SNMP v1, v2c and v3
LAN Interface 2x 10/100M Ethernet Ports

WAN Interface 1x Embedded 4G LTE/3G Modem with Redundant SIM Slots, 1x 10/100M Ethernet Port

Wi-Fi Interface 1x 802.11b/g/n 150 Mbps Wi-Fi WAN and/or AP, 1x 802.11b/g/n 300 Mbps Wi-Fi WAN and/or AP

Cellular and GPS Antenna
-2x SMA Cellular
-Antenna Connectors (4G LTE)
-1x SMA Cellular
-Antenna Connector (3G)
-1x SMA GPS Antenna Connector

Wi-Fi Antenna 1x RP-SMA Wi-Fi Connector

-5.8 x 5.0 x 1.6 inches
-147 x 128 x 40 mm

Power Input
Device: 10V – 30V DC
AC Adapter: AC Input 100V –
240V, DC Output 12V
Terminal Block: 10V – 30V DC
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