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Iridium 200-Minute Latin America Plan (6 month)
USD $240.00
200-Minute Latin America Plan (6 month)

This region-specific card includes 200 Iridium to PSTN minutes and 6 months Validity. Calls MUST originate in the Latin America coverage region ONLY, however they may be placed TO anywhere in the world. It is fully renewable for an additional 200 minutes and 6 months, however no other extensions of minutes or validity are available with the Latin America Plan card. The Latin America coverage region includes Mexico, Central America and the following South American countries plus 12 nautical miles into coastal waters:

French Guiana


Iridium prepaid voucher accounts:
• All Iridium prepaid units that have been carried over for more than three years on 17th December 2013 will be removed from your account balance, the SIM expiry date will remain the same.
• Units that become three years old will expire on a daily basis after 17th December 2013 from prepaid account balances.
• For any customer who has purchased a 3k or 5k voucher since 17th December 2009, a four year expiry period on units will apply.
• Units that are less than three years old (four years for 3K or 5K vouchers) will continue to be available until SIM expiry or until the units become three years old, or whichever comes first.
• A prepaid voucher account that has a zero unit balance, but has not exceeded its SIM expiry date, is still active and is eligible for additional purchases of vouchers to replenish the account’s unit balance, provided the voucher type allows. 

Iridium 9555
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Iridium 9575 Extreme
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Iridium GO
Iridium GO!
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