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RhinoWare The RhinoWare™ Door Barricade System is constructed using the very best American steel and can provide protection for many years. Units are self-contained and easy to install. There are no keys or extra parts, and batteries or electrical power is not required. Its incredible strength and resistance is due to its unique yet simple design. Installation is performed by manufacturer-certified technicians. The units have an ultra-durable powder coat finish and can be ordered in a wide variety of colors. Branding or sponsorship of the bottom plate is also an option.

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o Specifically developed after study of past active shooter incidents
o Recommended for any room which can be made a safe room:  Classrooms, offices, conference rooms, bathrooms, even custodial closets
o Engages in just one second - A kindergartner can engage even while under severe duress
o Disengages in just one second - Allows for a fast and easy exit, or provides opportunity for anyone who may be locked out. No keys, tools, special knowledge or effort is needed to open the door
o RhinoWare™ Tactical Breach Tool allows first responders to quickly and easily gain access to a room barricaded with RhinoWare™ Door Barricade System from the outside
o Works on doors that open inward, outward, or both
o Works on doors with or without a door knob
o Cannot be circumvented by cutting main power - The last line of defense
o Once engaged, can withstand several tons of direct sustained force
o Locks down classrooms, offices, and any other rooms where innocents can seek to shelter-in-place
o Quickly and effectively minimizes the target profile
o Maximizes safety while waiting for law enforcement to arrive
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