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Iridium GO! Rental Iridium GO!™ is unlike anything the world has seen before. Powered by the world's furthest reaching network, this compact, rugged and portable unit creates the first ever reliable global connection for voice and data communications on up to five smartphones, laptops or tablets. No matter where you are on the planet, Iridium GO! simplifies global communications for everyone.
USD $75.00
Rent the new Iridium GO! and connect your iOS or Android device to make satellite phone calls, send/receive SMS and email, update Facebook, Twitter and more.

The Iridium GO! device requires that you have an iOS or Android device that has the Iridium GO! app installed to make phone calls. You can download the required App here:
iOS Iridium GO! App
Android Go! App

Global Coverage
Voice and Short Message Service (SMS)
Send your GPS position via text or email
NO Activation Fee

Your satellite phone will be tested prior to shipping and will arrive ready to use. We ship in enough time to allow a 2-day grace period on the beginning of your rental period. This allows enough time to test your handset prior to your departure – and enough time to have your questions answered before your trip. We allow 2 additional days for  return shipping so that you do not have to pay for overnight shipping. Airtime is billed at the end of the rental period at $1.69 per minute. You can also prepay for minutes to get discounted per minute rates.
The Iridium GO! rental includes:
Iridium GO! Device
USB Cable
AC Charger (4 int’l adapters)
DC Charger
Protective Cover
User Guide

1 week - $75.00
2 weeks - $155.00
3 weeks - $225.00
1 month - $295.00
2 months - $425.00
3 months - $545.00
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