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Sharkee The Sharkee™ series of antennas provides for multiple RF technologies within one antenna housing. Requiring only a single hole fixing, the Sharkee™ reduces vehicle damage, cost of installation and visual impact, as well as retaining vehicle resale value.

The OEM shark fin style design provides multiple antenna functions while remaining discreet.

The Sharkee™ is suitable for public safety and private mobile applications, as well as asset tracking, where a cost effective and efficient antenna is essential to the system

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The external whip of the Sharkee™ series is designed for public safety frequencies. The antenna has been designed to handle any UHF whips with various levels of gain

The internal active GPS element has 26dB gain and is CE approved. The high quality integrated filter protects the antenna from interference and has a high level of accuracy

With the increased requirement for data to be transferred over cellular frequencies the Sharkee™ series has a range of options to cover 2G,3G,4G and LTE 700MHZ along with the traditional GSM for phone calls

With dual band onboard WLAN large amounts of data can be uploaded and downloaded when at base. Plus the same element ensures that the Sharkee™ series is prepared for the future with the integration ofWiMAX / Mesh networks (4.9GHz) and its capabilities
-All US Cellul;ar fequencies: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE
-2.4GHz & 5.4GHz WLAN
-4.9GHz Public safety
-5.8GHz WiFi
-UHF, VHR, 700/800
 (in single, dual & tri band)
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