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Gamber Johnson
Gamber-Johnson is a trusted name in the industry; long known as the go-to partner for major rugged computer OEMs. With more than 20 patents and counting, the company continues to evolve, creating numerous jobs and meaningful opportunities for community stewardship. Gamber-Johnson began producing fleet vehicle mounts for radios and computers, then providing solutions for material handling and point-of-sale, including mounts for security cameras and more. Gamber-Johnson's dedication to producing products that are rugged, reliable, and responsive is unparalleled. The Gamber-Johnson name has become synonymous with high quality, rugged products that can withstand even the most extreme situations. These products are guaranteed and reliable, hand tested for perfect performance every single time. With a strong focus on customer service, the Gamber-Johnson brand is responsive: offering custom-designed solutions, lightning-fast production and shipping, and working directly with technology partners to ensure the optimum fit, every time.

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