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The AP-MultiMax-MIMO is the all-in-one, low profile housing that provides 2 high gain Multiple-In, MultipleOut (MIMO) Cellular/LTE antennas, one high gain WiFI antenna (802.11 abgn, ac) and a GPS antenna. This is designed to connect to the best in class mobile wireless routers for public safety, transportation and field service applications. The simplicity of this unit ensures the best performance and ease of installation.
USD $199.00
AP-CELL/LTE/GPS Antenna is the low profile high gain external antenna for use with Verizon 3G & 4G Broadband Access Cards. It is typically used by mobile road warriors (sales, field service, police) who travel extensively, and need connectivity wherever they go.
USD $115.00
The AP-Cell/LTE~WiFi~GPS Antenna is the all-in-one, low profle housing that provides a high gain Multiple-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) Cellular/LTE antenna, a high gain WiFi antenna (802.11 abgn,ac), and a GPS antenna. This can come with a threaded bolt mount, permanent adhesive mount or magnetic mount; color choices of black or white.
USD $175.00
The Sharkee™ series of antennas provides for multiple RF technologies within one antenna housing. Requiring only a single hole fixing, the Sharkee™ reduces vehicle damage, cost of installation and visual impact, as well as retaining vehicle resale value.

The OEM shark fin style design provides multiple antenna functions while remaining discreet.

The Sharkee™ is suitable for public safety and private mobile applications, as well as asset tracking, where a cost effective and efficient antenna is essential to the system

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