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RedPort XGate Satellite Data Services Suite
XGate is the world’s leading satellite data services suite, relied on by the satellite service providers and individual users alike. It offers the services satellite users need, with the data optimization to make it easy and affordable to use. Email, web, weather and social media via satellite are suddenly fast and affordable, and available on the devices customers want to use. XGate is saving users valuable airtime dollars while optimizing (and increasing) satellite airtime usage. Individuals pair XGate with the RedPort Optimizer WiFi Hotspot and Firewall to achieve the most compression, ease of use, and utility for a satellite phone connection. Multi-user installations of XGate run on RedPort wXa routers or dedicated PCs to provide a complete email solution for ships and remote work sites. Ship operations and crew welfare communications are both optimized with these enhanced versions of XGate.
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