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MikroTik Network Equipment

Preferred Communications has become a reseller for MikroTik network equipment. We are able to provide hardware and software for internet connectivity. MikroTik experience in using industry standard PC hardware and complete routing systems allowed them to create the RouterOS software system that provides extensive stability, controls, and flexibility for all kinds of data interfaces and routing. Click on the link and see what products we will be able to provide for you.

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Motion CL920
Reduce downtime and increase productivity overnight. Our sleek new CL920 Rugged Platform is a giant leap forward in our CL-Series with faster processing power, enhanced connectivity, increased durability and superior image capture software. With support for both Windows® 7 and Windows® 8.1 applications the CL920 is ready to stand by your side now and in the future.

The CL920 withstands the rigors of a tough workday – dust proof and shock-proof for uninterrupted reliability - rain or shine. Built around an internal magnesium frame and fortified with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 the tablet features a new signature Motion dot-pattern design for a ruggedized, non-slip surface texture.


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Printek MtP300
Rugged and easy to use, the MtP300 Series is a reliable workhorse that provides graphic-rich labels, wireless communication, quick production of receipts, and resistance to accidental damage. MtP series printers feature best-in-breed power management, full onboard menu selections, a useful suite of integration and configuration utilities and tools, advanced security features on Bluetooth® models, and emulations of popular printer brands. Truly mobile, this lightweight printer can be used in any orientation and can be mounted or carried.

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The Sharkee™ series of antennas provides for multiple RF technologies within one antenna housing. Requiring only a single hole fixing, the Sharkee™ reduces vehicle damage, cost of installation and visual impact, as well as retaining vehicle resale value.

The OEM shark fin style design provides multiple antenna functions while remaining discreet.

The Sharkee™ is suitable for public safety and private mobile applications, as well as asset tracking, where a cost effective and efficient antenna is essential to the system

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Thuraya XT
Thuraya XT Handset is the world’s first IP54/IK03 certified satellite phone. Splash resistant, dust protected, and shockproof, Thuraya XT is the most rugged handset combining satellite phone functionality with the technology of the Thuraya network.

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SAT-DOCKER Vehicle Docking Station for Thuraya XT and XT-LITE ensures uninterrupted satellite service while using Thuraya phones in vehicles. Due to the nature of the satellite signal, requiring direct view of the satellites, SAT-DOCKER significantly improves reliability of the satellite service for in-vehicle use. SAT-DOCKER allows using all features of your Thuraya phone and service, such as text messaging, 9.6K data/fax, GmPRS, voicemail and GPS.

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Toughbook C2
The Windows® 7 Panasonic Toughbook® C2 provides an amazing 14 hours of standard battery life (19 hours with the optional long life battery) and weighs just 3.99 pounds. The 12.5" 10-point capacitive multi touch with optional digitizer convertible tablet features an array of industry-leading advancements, such as being the only convertible tablet in its class to offer a bridge battery for continuous use by enabling hot-swappable battery replacement without disruption.

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Beam RST100 RemoteSAT Satellite Terminal
RemoteSAT satellite terminal combines the robust design with the intelligent technology to support RJ11 / POTS, voice and data services over the Iridium satellite network. The RemoteSAT terminal is equipped with a range of interfaces to support the use of standard corded/cordless phones or integrated PABX communications. RemoteSAT also gives the option to access voice services using a compact intelligent user handset.

RemoteSAT satellite terminal is capable of presenting dial, busy and ring tones to suit country specific requirements as well as auto-dial or restricted dial functionality. It also supports access to the complete range of data services provided by Iridium including Circuit Switched Data and Direct Internet as well as SMS.

The RemoteSAT has been designed to be used in fixed sites, maritime and emergency service applications where permanently installed reliable communication services are required. Multiple units may be installed in the same location to provide multi-line access. There is also a purpose built back-up battery available that can provide up to 24-hours standby time for mission critical applications.
USD $2,295.00
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