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ASE Iridium PTT BagDock
The ASE Bag Dock works with both the Iridium 9575 and 9575 Push-to-Talk (PTT) phones (Handsets). The ASE Bag Dock is specifically and purpose-built for rapid deployment for first responder teams for natural and man-made disasters. The Bag Dock also is perfect for remote or solo field workers. The Bag Dock has a magnetic mount antenna that can be placed either on the rooftop of a vehicle or placed onto any nearby structure such as a top of a temporary structure to provide the best possible “view of the sky” to connect with the Iridium in the most robust fashion.
USD $1,095.00
ASE Iridium PTT Docking Station Headquarters (HQ)

ASE-9575-HQ is a POTS dock that supports both the standard 9575 Extreme and the 9575 PTT. This dock allows for easy integration into a PBX or with wireless base stations.

Standard/Push To Talk Docking Station with POTS (Office/HQ ) - ASE-9575P-HQ ($995)
Standard/Push To Talk Docking Station with POTS (Office/HQ with Fist Spkr/Mic) - ASE-9575P-HQ-P ($1,095)
Standard/Push To Talk Docking Station with POTS (Office/HQ with DPL Handset) - ASE-9575P-HQ-H ($1,395)

USD $995.00
ASE Iridium PTT Vehicle Docking Station
Push-to-Talk (PTT) Docking Station for the 9575 is perfect for in-vehicle installations. The Docking Station comes with a Palm/Mic but other accessories such as headsets or helmets can be used as well. Ships with a magnetic mount antenna, but consider adding our premium antenna for permanent mounting as well.
USD $1,155.00
Beam DriveDOCK Extreme Wireless Push-To-Talk (PTT-W1A) Bundle (EXTRMDD-PTT-W1A)
The DriveDOCK Extreme PTT Bundle (wireless or corded) solution provides a high quality transport installation using the Iridium Extreme® PTT Service. This bundle solution extends the power of the Extreme PTT Device to the palm of your hand, whether in or out of a vehicle. The Beam PTT Bundle (wireless or corded) is ideal for various applications such as Emergency Services, Commercial Transportation, Mining Industry, Defence, Government, no matter the type or size of operation, you can depend on the Beam PTT Bundle to perform.
USD $1,695.00
Iridium Go Kit MCOM1 i75 PTT Communications Extreme Dock
The MCOM1 i75 is compact, ruggedized Fly Away Iridium 'Go Kit'  in a Pelican 1520 hard case. The MCOM i75 is designed around Iridium docking stations from both ASE and Beam Communications.

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USD $0.00
SatStation AdvanceTouch-Iridium Satellite Phone Desktop
The flexibility and convenience of touch screen technology has arrived to the mobile satellite phone marketplace. The SatStation AdvanceTouch - Iridium is an easy-to-use, compact desktop satellite phone. Its sleek, smart design and vivid color display allow it to be placed in any environment, and it is packed with features making it a useful tool for the most demanding users. The AdvanceTouch offers both privacy and conference call modes, and is powered by AdvanceTec, the leader in echo-cancellation and noise-filtering technology.
USD $2,195.00
ASE-DK050 Fixed Docking Station
Designed for the Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone, this docking station is “right” priced for applications where the handset is nearby. We recommend purchasing the intelligent handset (shown). It also has many of the same features as the DK075–Large status indicators, direct pass through-USB, rotating lock capture, reset button. The DK050 can also be programmed for automated “health” monitoring.

Intelligent Handset not included – add $400 (Bundled PN: ASE-DK050-H)
USD $895.00
ASE-9575 Iridium 9575 Docking Station
Designed for the Iridium 9575 Extreme, This docking station can be paired with a Palm Microphone, Intelligent handset, or remote speaker and microphone. Applications are in-vehicle, in-building, or anywhere “Grab and Go” is needed.

Intelligent Handset not included – add $300 (Bundled PN: ASE-9575P-HQ-H)

USD $1,095.00
ASE-MC03 Iridium 9505A Docking Station
This Docking station is designed for the Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone and is an outgrowth of one of ASE’s very first products. Rugged and reliable, this is a standard in Maritime operations and we see many organizations continuing to use the 9505A phone for its powerful features, including some models with encryption/secure sleeve.
USD $1,695.00
Beam IntelliDOCK
IntelliDOCK 9555 is the ideal docking station that allows the Iridium 9555 handset to be used in various maritime, transport or fixed site applications.

RST755I Privacy Handset not included - add $145.00

USD $550.00
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