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Iridium Docking Stations for 9505 / 9505A
If you need the flexibility of taking your handheld Iridium 9505/9505A phone on and off your vehicle/boat/aircraft, our Iridium Docking Stations give you this capability. We offer a few different Iridium Docking Stations for use with the Iridium 9505/9505A satellite phones. Our Docking Stations work in all types of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, boats, yachts and ships. These Iridium Docking Stations improve the availability of the Iridium satellite on-the-go services.
USD $1,095.00
Iridium Extreme Sattrans Vehicle & Marine Docking Station
Iridium Extreme Docking Station from SATTRANS enables using the Iridium Extreme satellite phone in all types of vehicles: cars, trucks, boats, yachts, ships, and aircraft. This Iridium docking station greatly improves availability of the Iridium satellite service on the go.
USD $645.00
Iridium Fixed Station Terminal
Applied Satellite Engineering has the solution for using your 9505/9505A Iridium satellite phone indoors and outdoors. Just dock your Iridium phone in our Docking Station and you can use satellite communications with standard analog phone sets or your company's PBX system. When you need to leave the office, just undock your handset and take it with you. Never be out of touch again!
USD $1,795.00
Iridium SatStation 9575 Extreme Dock Desktop
Enjoy all the features offered by the SatStation Hands Free Dock (hands-free voice and data communication) with out the installation! The SatStation Iridium 9575 Extreme Dock gives you access to your emails virtually anywhere in the world. It is efficiently designed to lay on a flat surface and blend into any professional environment or command center. While in hands free mode it is great for conference calling. When the phone rings you can hear it loud and clear with a built in loudspeaker. The SatStation Wi-Fi Desktop allows for better communications and the benefits of a fixed phone with a portable option! Since the dock is charging your satellite phone, you will have a fully charged phone ready to be used either at your command post or underway. The dock has WI-FI capabilities with additional services. 
USD $1,095.00
Iridium SATTRANS Office Docking Station
SATTRANS Iridium EXTREME Office Docking Station allows advance use of Iridium Extreme satellite phones indoors. The docking station provides capability of connecting regular phones via RJ-11 or PBX, antenna cable feed and power supply from an electric outlet.
USD $695.00
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