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Wideye iSavi-IsatHub Terminal
The iSavi Global Satellite terminal provides up to 384 Kbps Internet speeds for any wireless capable device as well as voice phone for all smartphones using the included App. This terminal operates with any BGAN service plan and the legacy IsatHub service which is closed to new activations from August 31, 2020. For locations that have no cellular service the iSavi terminal lets one surf the web, email, text, as well as make and recieve phone calls anywhere one travels on the globe. All of your applications installed on your laptop or smart devices may connect and operate over this ultra-portable satellite technology.
USD $1,395.00
Wideye Sabre I
The SABRE I combines a robust, compact design with performance and optimal flexibility. It is equipped with a range of common interfaces, providing connectivity options in the field and the swiveled antenna facilitates rapid and easy pointing for a satellite connection. Combined with its sub-laptop size, the terminal is ideal for single users who need to set up a complete broadband mobile office in frequently changing locations.
USD $1,695.00
Wideye Safari
The SAFARI is a Land Vehicular BGAN Terminal operating on the Inmarsat BGAN Satellite Network. The SAFARI has one of the smallest Land Vehicular BGAN antennas in the market at 252 mm DIA x 119.12mm H (9.9 in. Dia. x 4.7 in. H) and weighs only 1.9kg (4.2 lbs.). The complete system consists of three fully integrated units - an IP44 rated Transceiver Unit (TU) with built-in Wi-Fi, an IP66 rated Handset and an IP56 rated roof mounted Antenna United (AU). The Antenna Unit is compact and lightweight, ideal for vehicles on-the-move. It has been designed for the most demanding environments - and is easy to carry when traveling to various locations around the world.
USD $5,895.00
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