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Satellite Phones


     Coverage Maps
     Globalstar Voice/Duplex/Sat-Fi
     Firmware/Software Updates
     All  Globalstar SPOT Products
     User Manuals

     Globalstar Accessing Your Voicemail

     Globalstar GSP-1600 Troubleshooting FAQs

     Globalstar GSP-1700 User Manual

     Globalstar Sat-Fi2 User Guide
     Globalstar Sat-Fi2 Quickstart Guide

Inmarsat BGAN

     Firmware/Software Updates

     Inmarsat BGAN Firmware

     Inmarsat Hughes 9202 v5.8.4.1
     Inmarsat BGAN Launchpad
     Inmarsat BGAN Software Drivers
     Quickstart Guides

     Inmarsat BGAN Setting up Explorer 300 with BGAN LaunchPad

     Inmarsat BGAN Setting up Explorer 500 with BGAN LaunchPad

     Inmarsat BGAN Setting up Explorer 700 with BGAN LaunchPad
     Inmarsat BGAN Setting up Hughes 9201 with BGAN LaunchPad
     Inmarsat BGAN Setting up Wideye Sabre with BGAN LaunchPad
     User Manuals
     Inmarsat BGAN 300 User Guide
     Inmarsat BGAN 500 User Guide
     Inmarsat BGAN 510 User Guide
     Inmarsat BGAN 527 User Guide
     Inmarsat BGAN 540 User Guide
     Inmarsat BGAN 540 Installation Guide
     Inmarsat BGAN 700 User Guide
     Inmarsat BGAN 727 User Guide
     Inmarsat BGAN Hughes 9201 User Guide
     Inmarsat BGAN Hughes 9202 User Guide
     Inmarsat BGAN Hughes 9202 Quickstart Guide
     Inmarsat BGAN Hughes 9211 Quickstart Guide
     Inmarsat BGAN Hughes 9250 User Guide
     Inmarsat BGAN Hughes 9450 User Guide
     Inmarsat BGAN Hughes 9450 Installation Guide 
     Inmarsat BGAN Hughes 9502 Quickstart Guide 
     Wideye Sabre 1 User Guide
     Wideye Sabre Ranger User Guide

Inmarsat FleetBroadband

Inmarsat IsatPhone

     Coverage Maps
     Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Coverage Map
     Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Coverage Map
     Firmware/Software Updates

     Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Firmware 

     Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Firmware Upgrade Tool

     Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Firmware Version 2.00.03

     Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 USB Drivers
     Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Firmware Release Notes V5.17.2 April 2017
     Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Firmware Upgrade Tool
     Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Firmware Version 5.17.2
     Inmarsat isatPhone Pro USB Drivers
     Quick Start Guides

     Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Quick Start Guide

     Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Quick Start Guide

     User Manuals
     Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 User Guide

     Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro User Guide

     Inmarsat How to Upgrade your  IsatPhone Pro
     Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro How to Install USB Drivers
     Calling to and from a Inmarsat IsatPhone
     VoiceMail on Inmarsat Services
 Inmarsat iSavi
     Firmware/Software Updates
     Inmarsat iSavi Firmware ver R02.0.2
     Quick Start Guide
     iSavi Quick Reference Sheet
     iSavi IsatHubQuickStartEnglish Guide
     iSavi Calibration Guide
     iSavi Troubleshooting and FAQ Guide
     User Manual
     iSavi IsatHub User Manual Guide


     Coverage Maps




     Firmware/Software Updates

     Iridium 9505A Firmware Version ISO9002
     Iridium 9555 Firmware Version HT19002
     Iridium 9575 Firmware Version HL19004
     Iridium 9575 PTT Firmware Version HP19004
     Iridium 9575 PTT release notes
     Iridium 9575 PTT Training Video

     Iridium Direct Internet 3 Installer for Windows

     Iridium GO! Firmware Version 2.1.8

     Iridium Pilot Firmware - Release AO12003

     Quick Start Guides

     Iridium 9500 Quick Start Guide

     Iridium 9505 Quick Start Guide

     Iridium 9505A Quick Start Guide

     Iridium 9555 Quick Start Guide

     Iridium 9575 Quick Start Guide

     Iridium PTT Brochure

     Iridium GO! Quick Start Guide

     Iridium Extreme and Iridium 9555 Kit Changes - Manuals

     User Manuals

     Iridium 9500 User Manual

     Iridium 9505 User Manual

     Iridium 9505A User Manual

     Iridium 9555 User Manual

     Iridium 9575 User Manual

     Iridium 9575 Extreme PTT Manual

     Iridium GO! User Manual

     Iridium Extreme and Iridium 9555 Kit Changes - Manuals


    MSAT-G2 Quick Start Guide
    MSAT-G3 Quick Start Guide
    User Manual
    MSAT-G2 Installation
    MSAT-G3 User Manual


      Coverage Map
     Thuraya Satellite Coverage Map 
     Thuraya GSM Coverage Map
     Firmware/Software Updates
     Thuraya XT-Pro Firmware Update (Not a Mandatory Update)

     Thuraya Fixed Docking Unit - XT Product Upgrades

     Thuraya SatSleeve for Android Product Upgrades

     Thuraya SatSleeve for iPhone Product Upgrades

     Thuraya XT DUAL Product Upgrades
     Thuraya XT Handset Product Upgrades
     Thuraya XT LITE Handset Product Upgrades
     Quick Start Guides
     Thuraya SatSleeve for Android Support FAQs
     Thuraya SatSleeve for iPhone Support FAQs

     Thuraya XT DUAL Handset Support FAQs

     Thuraya XT Handset FAQs Updated 0612

     Thuraya XT Handset Support FAQs

     Thuraya XT LITE Handset Support FAQs
     User Manuals
     Thuraya Fixed Docking Unit User Guide
     Thuraya SatSleeve User Guide
     Thuraya XT-Pro Dual User Guide
     Thuraya XT DUAL Handset User Guide

     Thuraya XT Handset User Guide

     Thuraya XT-Lite User Guide