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Iridium OpenPort Airtime Pricing


 Plan BPlan CPlan DPlan E
Activation Fee$25.00$25.00$25.00$25.00
Monthly Access Fee$139.95$274.95$554.95$1,115.95
Monthly Allowance (any service types)$139.95$274.95$554.95$1,115.95
Additional Data (in MB's)$10.95$10.95$10.95$10.95
Additional OpenPort Voice (in Minutes)$0.72$0.54$0.47$0.40
OpenPort Voice to Other Satellite$9.75$9.75$9.75$9.75

Terms & Conditions:

1.) Preferred Communications reserves the right to modify or delete plans as necessary. All prices are subject to change without notice. Preferred Communications retains the right to adjust pricing/rates with fluctuation in exchange rates and supplier price increases. 

2.) Initial monthly fees are pro-rated based upon the number of days active during the month. Effective April 1, 2018, final monthly fees will not be pro-rated regardless of deactivation date for all Iridium OpenPort plans.  

3.) A SIM card is required for OpenPort Voice Services. SMS and Fax Services are not available on Iridium OpenPort.

4.) All allowances are Money Bundle allowances and can be used for all services.

5.)  Fees cover up to 3 voice lines. These voice lines can be provisioned as Standard, Captain or Crew lines.

6.) Captain’s Card dialing sequence is 698 + phone number. Crew / Scratch Card dialing sequence is 2888 + phone number.

7.) Reactivation Fees apply to all Iridium SIM Card types. No downgrade fee or reactivation fee applies to switching between plans, except for penalties involved when a longer-term commitment period was purchased.

8.) Voice and data usage is consumed in a first in, first out (FIFO) manner. For example, if data consumes the entire usage allotment at the in-bundle rate, any incremental voice or data usage will be charged at the corresponding overage rate.

9.) Unused usage will not be carried over to the next billing cycle.