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MSAT-G2 Portable Go Kit Go-kits are mounted in a black Pelican case with no exterior connections. All components are contained within the case. Overall design is as small, light, and rugged and reasonably priced. The MSAT-G2 is installed into the case with no foam or similar material.

The transceiver is installed, so that the ports on the transceiver unit are extended to the faceplate for full access to all the ports DB-9 serial port, handset port, and Ethernet port.

Transceiver unit is installed in such a manner to be easily removed or replaced by the user.

Threaded antenna cable fittings should be covered with a leashed, threaded cap.

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External ports are labeled on the faceplate as described below or with appropriate abbreviations:

Handset: “Handset”

Serial Port/USB: “GPS/Interop”

Antenna: “Antenna”

Ethernet: “Software Upgrades”

Speaker: “External Speaker The kit is equipped with a 110-120 VAC and 12 VDC charging capability.

The kit is equipped with surge protection and voltage regulation to maintain 
the G2 in an “on” status regardless of what is happening with the AC/DC power 

The kit is equipped with a 7.5 amp hour gel cell battery and installed in 
such a manner to make it easy for an end user to change. Circuitry is designed 
such that if the battery fails, the portable kit will continue to power the 
MSAT G2 from either the AC or DC power source.

The kit is equipped with a rocker style on/off switch that illuminates the 
color green when in the “on” position. · The kit is equipped with a green 
color charging light when go-kit is attached to either a 110 or 12V power 
source and this light should illuminate whether the unit is powered on or 

The kit is equipped with a flashing red light that blinks when voltage on 
the battery drops to or below 12Volts, specifically when AC or DC power has 
been interrupted and the unit is operating only on battery power with power 

Fuses are mounted on the face plate for easily accessed by the user. Fuses 
are marked as to their individual purpose, and are standard such that they 
are readily/easily obtained by user on the aftermarket.

The kit is equipped with two cigarette lighters with leashed/hinged plugs 
or covers.

The kit includes an optional external speaker with volume control independent 
from that of the G2 handset that will not mute the audio on the handset itself. 
This external speaker has a mounting capability within the kit such that the 
lid may close with the speaker installed. Speaker must have a minimum of 15’ 
of appropriate cable to separate it from the kit itself.

Warning stickers are prominently displayed cautioning the user that: Unit 
should only be powered on with antenna attached (i.e. do not turn the unit 
on without an attached antenna; and do not attach an antenna to a G2 that 
is already powered on.)

Unit will not power from an AC and DC power source at the same time.

The interior of the lid shall offer “office” features such as a white board, 
or a plastic envelope which contains paperwork that can be seen through the 
envelope. The lid could accommodate a place for yellow, self sticking memo 
notes or a fully contained clip board sitting next to a white board.

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