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Iridium Sky Connect Indoors Unit Sky Connect INDOORS is an Iridium voice and data terminal that allows standard telephones and cordless phones to be used to make Iridium calls. Users of this terminal are protected from the elements, since only the external antenna is exposed. A computer may be attached to Sky Connect Indoors for e-mail and internet access. A dedicated Iridium handset provides SMS service, phone book, and internal ringer.
USD $4,895.00
Can be connected to a PBX to allow any phone on the system to get Iridium access

Allows multiple corded or cordless phones to share the Iridium Dial Tones

Supports Internet access and switched data calls

Diagnostic lights for signal strength and call status
Iridium Transceiver (AC, RJ-11) for AC power installations

External secure SIM card reader

RJ-11 (POTS/PABX) connector

USB data connector

RJ-45 Handset connector for DPL Handset (1616-230-01) ONLY

Mast-mount high gain antenna (antenna cable is not included)

AC Power supply, with IEC 3-pin connector (100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Line cord 
not included)

Length: 27.3 cm

Width: 11.5 cm

Height: 6.8 cm

Weight: 1.5 kg
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