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Redport Aurora The RedPort Aurora gives you the coverage of the Iridium satellite network with the devices you already use – your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Want to make a satellite call from your iPhone or Android tablet? Check email and download weather files over WiFi? No problem. Share your location with others? Done. It’s voice, data, and tracking. All in one. Anywhere in the world.
USD $1,999.00
Satellite Calls Via Smartphone
The Aurora comes pre-configured for voice. Just download the free XGate Phone app to your iOS or Android device and talk on your smartphone using your satellite airtime. Your phone will connect via VoIP to the Aurora, and Aurora translates the calls into standard satellite voice calls over Iridium so you can use standard Iridium postpaid or prepaid airtime. Call Data Records (CDR’s) are available so you can see exactly which line called which number and for how long. This means that it can be used in commercial situations to log usage, and by families to see who is using how much airtime.

Onboard Network With Multiple Phone Lines
Up to 4 lines can speak to one another over the local network, giving you a complete local phone system with extension, voicemail, and ringing options. All free. Because Aurora uses VoIP over local WiFi, none of these calls consume airtime. Use Ethernet phones, SIP WiFi phones, or install the free XGate Phone app and use the smartphone in your pocket. This means that a captain can call the kitchen, one room can call another, and the you can check in with your guests – all at the same time. All free.

Data Optimization Powered By RedPort
The Aurora comes with built-in data optimization powered by RedPort. Not just any optimization – Aurora includes RedPort Optimizer hardware inside. Aurora blocks unwanted data and handles all the dialing, while working  hand-in-hand with XGate satellite data service.

XGate: Satellite Email, Weather, Web, and Social Media
XGate satellite data service is your gateway to  accelerated satellite email,  weather, web browsing and social media posting for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. XGate works with your devices, including those running Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems. Aurora also works XGate-based services: OCENS Mail, GMPCS Speedmail, Service, Iridium Mail & Web, Satphone.Me, Satlink Email and Telecom Italia Mail. Aurora can also run XGate Crew email, a full POP and SMTP Email server that lets you use your standard email client, and generate local crew accounts for onboard and satellite communication. An XGate-compatible service is required.

GPS Tracking for Vessel and Asset Tracking
Aurora special compression technology and advanced GPS engineering allow for the transmission of small bits of data (like GPS pings) at a fraction of the airtime cost of most satellite phones or terminals. This means that you can track your ship at pre-determined intervals. That information can be loaded onto a individualized webpage with real-time tracking information so family and friends can see where you are. Learn more about RedPort Tracking. (Also works with any GSatTrack-based service).

Satellite GPS Repeater for Onboard NMEA Repeating
Aurora is a NMEA 2000 compliant GPS WiFi Repeater – so you can share Aurora’s GPS data with virtually any of the marine electronics on your vessel – in real time. Want to steer your boat with an iPad? Now  you can. The GPS capabilities of this technology are so advanced that many Aurora users simply pilot their boats with the detailed information on their iPad app rather than use a traditional GPS.

Easy Installation
The Aurora only has one cable: powered ethernet. There are no power cables, no external antennas to attach, no complicated installation. It is plug-and-play at its very best.
Dimensions: 7.28 in Diameter (185mm), 7.09 in high (180mm)
Weight: 4 lbs
Temperature: -22° F to 158° F (-30° C to +70° C)
Certifications: FCC, CE, and RoHS
WiFi: 802.11 b/g
Power: Power over Ethernet

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