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Iridium Beam Mast/Pole Antenna (RST710)
The antenna is omnidirectional and therefore makes it an easy installation in any location. The Antenna is supplied with both straight pole mounting or right angle brackets depending on the installation location. The antenna has a recessed TNC female connector to make the cable connection inside the antenna and protected from harsh environments.

Discontinued see Related RST210
USD $265.00
Iridium Beam Passive Antenna Cable Kit - 9m/29.5ft (RST930)
Beam RST930 Iridium 9 meter (29 feet) antenna cable provides a flexible installation option for most marine or fixed site installations and is pre-terminated with TNC male connectors.
USD $175.00
Iridium Beam Privacy Handset 9555 Docks (RST755I)
The handset easily connects to the docking station to allow for a convenient privacy mode of operation. It features auto sensing for auto answer and hang up intelligence with the option to mount it on either the left or right side of the dock.
USD $145.00
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