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BivyStick Airtime Pricing


Basic Plus Unlimited
Activation Fee$30.00$30.00$30.00
Monthly Access Fee$19.99 $35.99 $59.99
Annual Access Fee*$179.88 $359.88 $659.88
Includes (per month)20 Credits 80 Credits Unlimited Credits
Additional Credits$0.75 $0.50No Overage
Basic Weather Report1 Credit1 CreditUnlimited Credits
Premium Weather Report2 Credits2 CreditsUnlimited Credits
Dedicated Phone NumberXXX
Unlimited Check-In MessagesXXX
Emergency SOSXXX
Detailed Downloadable MapsXXX
Rollover CreditsXXX
GroupTrack™GROUPTRACK INCLUDED $10 Savings
2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 Minute Tracking Intervals. Credits per hour vary by tracking frequency
Basic, Plus, Unlimited and Premium Annual Term's & Conditions:
*No Deactivations in the first 4 Months.
$0 Activation fees.
After the initial 4 month commitment, plans can be changed or deactivated online any time.
Deactivating a plan will result in losing any rollover credits accrued in the account.
Deactivating your plan will result in losing the phone number assigned to the Bivy Stick. A new number will be assigned when you reactivate. No additional fees for reactivation.
After the initial 4 month commitment, plans automatically renew on a monthly basis until the plan is deactivated.
SOS messages are included and do not decrement from your plan.
GroupTrack™ Notes
Unlimited Group Messages and Track Points with Bivy Stick’s Exclusive GroupTrack™ Feature
Includes Tri-Network Coverage Satellite, Cell, or Wifi
Share Locations and Messages with Multiple Bivy Sticks in the Backcountry

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