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BivyStick Airtime Pricing

 Basic Plus UnlimitedPremium
Activation Fee$ - $ - $ - $ -
Monthly Access Fee$19.99 $34.99 $59.99 $69.99
Annual Access Fee*$179.88 $359.88 $659.88 $779.88
Includes (per month)20 Credits 80 Credits Unlimited Credits Unlimited Credits
Additional Credits$0.75 $0.50No OverageNo Overage
Basic Weather Report1 Credit1 CreditUnlimited CreditsUnlimited Credits
Premium Weather Report2 Credits2 CreditsUnlimited CreditsUnlimited Credits
Dedicated Phone NumberXXXX
Unlimited Check-In MessagesXXXX
Emergency SOSXXXX
Detailed Downloadable MapsXXXX
Rollover CreditsXXXX
2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 Minute Tracking Intervals. Credits per hour vary by tracking frequency
Basic, Plus, Unlimited and Premium Annual Term's & Conditions:
*No Deactivations in the first 4 Months.
$0 Activation fees.
After the initial 4 month commitment, plans can be changed or deactivated online any time.
Deactivating a plan will result in losing any rollover credits accrued in the account.
Deactivating your plan will result in losing the phone number assigned to the Bivy Stick. A new number will be assigned when you reactivate. No additional fees for reactivation.
After the initial 4 month commitment, plans automatically renew on a monthly basis until the plan is deactivated.
SOS messages are included and do not decrement from your plan.
GroupTrack™ Notes
Unlimited Group Messages and Track Points with Bivy Stick’s Exclusive GroupTrack™ Feature
Includes Tri-Network Coverage Satellite, Cell, or Wifi
Share Locations and Messages with Multiple Bivy Sticks in the Backcountry