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Iridium PTT Airtime Pricing

On mobile devices please scroll the table horizontally. 

Device FeePlan APlan B
Monthly Access Fee (per Handset)$159.00$99.00
Minimum Commitment (in Months)312
Iridium to Iridium PTT CallsUnlimitedUnlimited
Talkgroup FeeMonthly FeeSquare Kilometers
Voice Service (Optional)
Monthly Access Fee
Global - $30.00
North America - $20
Global - $30.00
North America - $20
Outbound Calls per Minute Rate$1.29$1.29
Outbound Text per Message Rate$0.60$0.60

Iridium Push-To-Talk (PTT) Terms & Conditions:

* 1 Free Small Talk Group available per 5 Devices. Standard Fee for Small Talk Group = $150 per month.
** 1 Free Medium Talk Group available per 10 Devices. Standard Fee for Medium Talk Group = $250 per month.

1.) Prices are in USD. Iridium reserves the right to modify or delete plans as necessary.

2.) The 2017 Reduced Charge Talkgroups are available for use globally with the exception of certain location areas within the Middle East (“Middle East Region”) in combination with the 2017 PTT Handset Plans. Talkgroups requiring access in the Middle East Region will be required to use the Middle East Talkgroup and Handset Plans.

3.) While 2017 Reduced Charge Small and Medium Talkgroups are free of charge, Subscribers are expected to use them responsibly. Iridium reserves the right to change this policy in the future if, for any reason, Iridium’s network or service to their subscribers for PTT or any other service degrades through use of this policy. Such changes may include, but are not limited to, restricting the number of PTT Devices in a Talkgroup, restricting the number of Talkgroups, or changing the pricing with appropriate notification.

4.) The 2017 PTT Handset Plans are available for use globally with the exception of certain location areas within the Middle East (“Middle East Region”). No terminals may be activated on the 2017 PTT Handset Device Plans if at least one Talkgroup on the terminal falls wholly or partially within the defined Middle East Region.

5.) Iridium reserves the right to immediately, and without notice, deactivate any terminals found to have at least one Talkgroup wholly or partially within the Middle East Region that is not activated on the Middle East PTT Device Plan. Iridium reserves the right to immediately, and without notice, deactivate any Talkgroups found to be wholly or partially within the Middle East Region that has not been activated on a Middle East PTT Talkgroup Plan.

6.) Talkgroup Pricing is based completely upon coverage area (measured in square kilometers) and unlimited Talkgroup usage. Each Talkgroup activated will be charged a monthly fee.

7.) Adding a member to a Talkgroup will not incur any additional Talkgroup charges. A Talkgroup may contain an unlimited number of Handsets.

8.) Each Push-To-Talk Handset will be charged a single monthly fee. Adding a Talkgroup to a Handset will not incur any additional Handset charges. Each Handset can have a maximum of 15 Talkgroups assigned to it.

9.) Activating a Handset for Push-to-Talk service provides the user with access to Push-To-Talk service. It will not provide the user with access to normal Iridium Voice or Data services. Access to normal Iridium Voice or Data services are available via separate normal Iridium Postpaid / Prepaid SIM Card activation and will incur additional charges. To clarify, activation of a Handset for Push-To-Talk services will solely provide the terminal with access to any Talkgroups that have been assigned to the Handset. It will not enable normal Iridium Voice to Fixed / Cellular services.

10.) The Unlimited “Included Talkgroup Usage” only includes usage of the PTT Talkgroup service. Normal Iridium Voice services will not be included, and will be invoiced based upon the standard Iridium Voice package selected.

11.) Talkgroup coverage area will be defined with the PTT Command Center through the placement of circles, squares and rectangles on a map or by using specific latitude / longitude coordinates in a list view.

12.) Talkgroup size limits are related to the total area covered by the Talkgroup. The Talkgroup’s coverage area can go up to, but not exceed, the size limitation set on the Talkgroup.

13.) Each Talkgroup’s coverage may be split into up to 10 different coverage regions. For the Small Talkgroup, due to minimum “region” sizes in the PTT Command Center, the coverage area may only be split into up to 5 different coverage regions. There are no restrictions on where the coverage may be placed on the earth.

14.) If initial Talkgroup size does not meet the customer’s needs, upgrades and downgrades to Talkgroup size are available. More than 2 changes to Talkgroup size per year may incur additional administrative charges.

15.) To participate in a Talkgroup session, a device must be located within the coverage area of the Talkgroup, provisioned as a member of the Talkgroup via the PTT Command Center, updated with the provisioning of the Talkgroup, and have active service (not suspended or disabled).

16.) A Handset’s access to Talkgroups can be disabled via the PTT Command Center. This will only disable access to the Talkgroups. The Handset’s standard monthly fee will continue to be charged.

17.) In order to provide high-quality service to subscribers, Iridium will monitor the allocation of Talkgroups to ensure no customer unnecessarily congests the network. Iridium intends to provide these talkgroups under a fair use and reasonable allocation of talkgroups per PTT subscriber.

18.) If the PTT Device Service is terminated or deactivated prior to the end of the applicable Term Commitment, the full Early Termination Fee (ETF) will apply. For clarity, the ETF will not be pro-rated.

19.) All changes to a PTT Device Plan will be charged the applicable Early Termination Fee if processed while still under commitment. For clarity, moving from the 2017 PTT Device 3-Month Plan A to the 2017 PTT Device 12-Month Plan B or to the Middle East PTT Device Plan while still under commitment will generate the Early Termination Fee in full.

20.) Effective 29 September 2017, the Iridium® Push-to-Talk (PTT) North America Talkgroup Monthly Recurring Charge Reimbursement Program will no longer be available. Talkgroups receiving “no charge” for the monthly fee will begin to be charged based upon original global Talkgroup pricing effective September 29th.

21.) All existing Talkgroups, whether they were part of the original North America Reimbursement Program or not, can be moved from the original Talkgroup plans to the new 2017 Reduced Charge Talkgroup plans to benefit from the new pricing, as long as the Talkgroups qualify based upon the 2017 Terms and Conditions, and all Handsets associated with the Talkgroup in question are moved to one of the 2017 PTT Device Plans. For clarity, to benefit from the new 2017 Reduced Charge Talkgroup pricing, a new commitment must be established by the PTT Devices associated to the Talkgroup(s) that are intending to receive the reduced pricing, and the Talkgroup must not fall within the defined Middle East Region.