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MSAT Airtime Rates for Network Innovations

Satellite Telephone Service Rates

Rate Plan Code915916943914953
Account Activation Fee (one time)$52.50$52.50$52.50$52.50$52.50
Monthly Access Fee$26$36.50$47$105$131
Minutes Included0305060150
Airtime Rate per Minute$1.56$1.24$1.24$1.14$1.24
Monthly Fax / Data Access$15.75$15.75$0$0$0
Standard GPS Monthly Access$7.30$7.30$7.30$7.30$7.30
Enhanced GPS Monthly Access$20$20$20$20$20
GPS Poll Rate (per poll)$0.63$0.63$0.63$0.63$0.63
Rate Plan Code913963973983993
Account Activation Fee (one time)$52.50$52.50$52.50$52.50$52.50
Monthly Access Fee$183$242$432$699$869
Minutes Included17530060012502000
Airtime Rate per Minute$0.93$1.24$1.24$1.24$1.24
Monthly Fax / Data Access$0$0$0$0$0
Standard GPS Monthly Access$7.30$7.30$7.30$7.30$7.30
Enhanced GPS Monthly Access$20$20$20$20$20
GPS Poll Rate (per poll)$0.63$0.63$0.63$0.63$0.63

Satellite Dispatch Service Rates

(includes UNLIMITED use of PTT/Dispatch Service)

Basic Rate Plan908928929
Talkgroup access per month$72.00$104.00$135.00
Included Airtime minutes000
PTT Value 50 Rate Plan940941942
Talkgroup access per month$119.00$150.00$182.00
Included Airtime minutes*505050
PTT Value 150 Rate Plan950951952
Talkgroup access per month$203.00$235.00$265.00
Included Airtime minutes*150150150
PTT Value 300 Rate Plan960961962
Talkgroup access per month$314.00$345.00$377.00
Included Airtime minutes*300300300
PTT Value 600 Rate Plan970971972
Talkgroup access per month$504.00$535.00$566.00
Included Airtime minutes*600600600
PTT Value 1250 Rate Plan980981982
Talkgroup access per month$769.00$800.00$832.00
Included Airtime minutes*125012501250
PTT Value 2000 Rate Plan990991992
Talkgroup access per month$940.00$975.00$1005.00
Included Airtime minutes*200020002000
Additional Airtime Minutes-All Plans-Telephone$1.24$1.24$1.24
Dispatch/PTT Minutes per MonthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Other Options

Additional Airtime Minutes*$1.24$1.24$1.24
Dispatch minutes per monthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Fax or Data access fee per month$15.75$15.75$15.75
StandardMSAT-G2 TrackingMonthly Access$7.30$7.30$7.30
EnhancedMSAT-G2 TrackingMonthly Access$20.00$20.00$20.00
MSAT-G2 Tracking PollRate (per poll)$0.63$0.63$0.63

Talk Group Options

Dial-In Dispatch$105Per month per Talkgroup (800-access)
Dial-Out Dispatch$105Per month per Talkgroup (Customer provides number)
Private Mode$209Per month per Talkgroup
Additional Talkgroup Access$209Per month per Talkgroup
Additional Talk Group Set-up Fee$209One Time Fee

Notes to Pricing 

-Minimum 1 Year Term on Service Contract
-Airtime rate per minute also applies to airtime usage and other call management features and data. Each partial minute of airtime is billed as a full minute for Satellite Telephone Service.
Included monthly airtime minutes will not be “rolled over” to subsequent month or pooled within an account.
-There is an extra $10.50 set-up fee for each call management feature requested. (ie: call waiting, call forwarding, etc.)
-Long distance toll rates included in the per minute airtime rate for all calls terminated in the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. International calls are billed at the specified airtime rate plus applicable international toll (based on AT&T’s residential direct dialing rates). International tolls are rated to the prevailing Eastern Time and may vary by time of day.
-Rates subject to change. All is US Funds.
-MSAT-G2 Tracking is offered strictly with the MSAT-G2 Satellite Radio. The Standard MSAT-G2 Tracking option assumes subscribers will use their own application in accordance with LightSquared’s Application Interface documentation. The Enhanced MSAT-G2 Tracking option provides access to a web-based mapping application package. Position reports are automatically generated for telephone (or dispatch) calls; additional polling requests by subscriber are subject to the “per poll” fee.
-For PTT plans, all subscribing units in the same talk group must be subscribed to the same number of beams. Beam coverage is based upon the talk group not the individual MSAT ESN terminal/phone.