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MOUNTING SOLUTIONS Cradles, Docks & Mounts

Protect your people and your equipment

You have your vehicle outfitted, now keep everything in place 

Equipment flying around inside a vehicle become dangerous projectiles.

Docks & Cradles

Docks keep the power supply to your device steady, you can remove the device without any worry of attaching plugs or connecting to power supplies or antennas. 

Cradles hold the device and keep it safe, but you need to manually attach antenna and power supplies to the device.

Mounted Getac Laptop


no power source


have power source


power source and antenna connections

Mounting Solution
Mounting Solution
Mounting Solution
Pedestal Mounting Solution

Types of mounts

Attach everything to the vehicle 

1. Console Mounts
Console mounts attach directly to your center console allowing for simple installation.

2. Passenger Side Mounts
This 3-part system consists of a base, a pole and a motion device. Commonly used for mounting laptops, passenger side mounts make a good rugged mounting options. They are specific to your vehicle (make, model, year).

3. Dashboard Mounts
Commonly used for tablets, dashboard mounting solutions are not permanent fixtures in your vehicle and are quick to install.


The many ways to mount a printer in your vehicle

One of the most common printers is the PocketJet or the Printek I-80.  The most requested mount style is the headrest printer mount.  Either model can be swapped into the mounting systems.  It provides easy access and paper roll replacement

head rest printer mount


Printer Mount
Arm rest printer mount


Printer Mount

An unsecured printer in a moving vehicle or precarious position is unsafe and inefficient. 

overhead printer mount


Printer Mount

Mounts help safely secure your printer, protecting it from loss or damage. 

dash printer mount


Printer Mount

They are often used in truck cabs, forklifts, ambulances, police cars, service vehicles, motorcycles, and boats.

glove box printer mount


Printer Mount

Some mounts provide a power source connection, eliminating the need for a battery.

Tablet Mounting Solution

Options for your device

Laptop, printers, label printers, keyboard, screen, tablets…

We are here to help you find your solution.