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Iridium GO! Exec Airtime

Voice and Data GO! exec 25 M GO! exec 50 M GO! exec 125 M GO! exec 250 M
Monthly Access Fee$99/ Month$149/ Month$249/ Month$389/ Month
Minimum Term1 Month1 Month1 Month1 Month
Activation Fee$50$50$50$50
Bundled Voice Minutes25/ Month50/ Month125/ Month250/ Month
Bundled IP Data (MBs)25/ Month50/ Month125/ Month250/ Month
Data Overage$4.49/MB$3.89/MB$3.19/MB$2.49/MB
Other Charges FeesGO! exec 25 MGO! exec 50 MGO! exec 125 MGO! exec 250 M
US Number Subscription (Optional)$9/ Month$9/ Month$9/ Month$9/ Month
Inbound Calls from US Number$0.79/Minute$0.79/Minute$0.79/Minute$0.79/Minute
Inbound Calls via Iridium 2 Stage$0.79/Minute$0.79/Minute$0.79/Minute$0.79/Minute
Iridium to Iridium Calls$0.49/Minute$0.49/Minute$0.49/Minute$0.49/Minute
Outbound Calls to Voicemail$0.49/Minute$0.49/Minute$0.49/Minute$0.49/Minute
Outbound Calls to Non-Iridium Satellite$11.50/ Minute$11.50/ Minute$11.50/ Minute$11.50/ Minute
  • * Caller pays an international rate