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Mobile Printers

Print on the go!

Reliable, compact, and innovative thermal printing. Today’s first responders face many unprecedented challenges in their day-to-day responsibilities. Dealing with inefficient and distracting technology shouldn’t be one of them. With less interior space and increasing amounts of equipment, the vehicle must be optimized for both efficiency and safety.

Mobile Printers for law enforcement, police, fire, ems. Printek & Brother brand mobile printers

Rugged, Lightweight, Fast • Can withstand drops up to 4 feet • Print at speeds up to 3 inches per second
Thermal, easy to use, compact • The newest battery technology for full-shift printing
Long battery life • Simple loading • Foolproof operation
Flexible functionality and wireless options for IrDA, Bluetooth®, and Wi-Fi

Some of the popular mobile printers

Printek I80 Inceptor 80 Mobile Printer

The Printek Interceptor 80 Mobile Printer

Reliable, compact, and innovative thermal printing. This small, full-page printer, allows users the ability to conveniently print a variety of documents on the go. The I80 is rated at 11ppm, and is capable of using continuous roll, perforated rolls, or single sheet thermal paper. The I80 features USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, and is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS Bluetooth, and Airprint to provide your users a wide range of connections. The I80 is a true drop-in replacement and fits most mounting systems available for in-vehicle printing. The I80 can also be used in desktop style applications using AC power. Compatible USB cables, in-vehicle power adaptors, or AC power adapters, make this printer the perfect addition to any mobile application where you need to print full-page documents on the go.

Brother PocketJet Mobile Printer

The Brother PocketJet 8 Mobile Printer

A Full-page Thermal Printing Solution, featuring new advances in printing performance, connectivity and charging/battery life. The Brother PocketJet 8 (PJ822) delivers mobile printing freedom with its small size, new charging capabilities, and even faster printing performance. The Brother PocketJet® 8 is so small, it can fit in your pocket, patrol car, bag or briefcase. Be ready to pull out and print any important documents you need for work or personal use. The PJ8 is faster than ever with printing speeds of up to 13.5 ppm (pages per minute). A wide range of software solutions make the PJ8 compatible with most mobile devices and data terminals. The Brother PocketJet fits easily into your briefcase, patrol car or computer bag, and it can be quickly mounted in any vehicle or small work area. This printer is fast, printing at speeds of up to 13.5 ppm (pages per minute). High quality printing

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Printek FieldPro 541 Mobile Printer

The Printek FieldPro 541 SE Mobile Printer

Compact and rugged 4” printers – ideal for receipts, tickets, inventory lists, citations and more. With print speeds of up to 5 ips, and IP54 rated for resistance to water and dust. The FieldPro 541 has an easy-to-use front panel and battery technology for full-shift printing. The FP541 is easy to configure via a web-based app. Includes built-in emulations of other popular printer brands – making these printers an easy drop-in replacement for many existing applications. Compatible with Windows and Android devices.

Printing resolution of 203 dps, printing widths up to 4.1 inches. Rechargable battery with over 3,500 printed inches per charge. Lightweight, compact and durable. Small footprint designed to be efficient and easy. Can survive multiple 6’ drops to concrete and conforms to IEC 68-2. Includes 2-year printer warranty on the entire printer – case and print head and battery included.



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