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Wideye iSavi-IsatHub Terminal The iSavi Global Satellite terminal provides up to 384 Kbps Internet speeds for any wireless capable device as well as voice phone for all smartphones using the included App. This terminal operates with any BGAN service plan and the legacy IsatHub service which is closed to new activations from August 31, 2020. For locations that have no cellular service the iSavi terminal lets one surf the web, email, text, as well as make and recieve phone calls anywhere one travels on the globe. All of your applications installed on your laptop or smart devices may connect and operate over this ultra-portable satellite technology.
USD $1,395.00
Network availability is 99.9% of the time. Inmarsat reliability!

BGAN Service iSavi terminal now use BGAN service plans (as of August 31, 2020)

Broadband Internet - of up to 384 Kbps download, 240 Kbps up, for any connected device. 

Phone Calls - Make or receive phone calls on your smartphone with your new satellite phone number, or use our 1+ Access Number to have a local number assigned to your device.

Email - Send and receive email with your existing email software.

Instant Messaging - Use the built-in SMS Tool or your existing messaging software, such is iMessage.

Wi-Fi Hotspot - up to 100' (30 meters) from the device – even connect from inside a building.

Lightweight and Portable - The iSavi terminal weighs 1.9 lbs and measures only 7.1"L x 6.7"W x 1.2"H. 

Global Coverage (except the extreme polar regions) - Travel Anywhere that has Inmarsat coverage – see here for IsatHub Coverage Map
Connect multiple devices to the WiFi Hotspot. No limit to the number of devices that can connect. 

IsatHub Voice App - Make and receive calls from anyone (with a new satellite phone number). May also make voice calls via VoIP - Call any phone worldwide with applications such as Skype.

Easy pointing terminal antenna with visual & audible pointing indicators.

Built in SIP Voice server with auto-connecting to SIP capable systems.

Allows access to your own Contact Lists on your smartphone.
Advanced Screens - Wi-Fi security, MAC address filtering, device passwords, etc.

Usage Controls - Set the number of Megabytes to be used in any session with Control App.
Up to 24 hours standby, 2 hours transmit (at max power if transmitting 100% of the time).
-180 x 170 x30 mm / 7.1"L x 6.7"W x 1.2"H


Voice Connectivity
-Built-in SIP server using Apps on Smart Devices

-Micro USB, Security lock slot, Micro-SIM card slot

Operating Time
-2.5 hours (3SIP) Li-ion Battery Pack

Standby Time
-24 hours (3SIP) Li-ion Battery Pack

BGAN Explorer 510
USD $2,495.00
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