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Beam PotsDOCK PotsDOCK 9555 is a docking station that allows the Iridium 9555 handset to be used in a wide variety of applications. The intelligent RJ11 / POTS interface enables standard corded, cordless or DECT handsets to be used or alternatively interfaced with a PBX system presenting standard ring, busy and dial tones like a standard phone network.
USD $850.00
-Securely holds 9555 handset 
-Robust design and construction 
-Charges 9555 handset ready for use 
-Integrated antenna connection 
-Integrated USB connectivity 
-Supports standard cordless & corded 
telephones (5 REN) 
-RJ11 can be run 600m (2000 ft) from unit 
-Corded, cordless or DECT handsets 
-Easily integrated to PBX system 
-Ring, busy & dial tones 
-Superior voice quality 
-Tracking & alert monitoring capable 
-Periodic position reports or remotely polled 
-Triggered position status message 
-In-built GPS engine 
-Interfaces to Beam’s LeoTRAK-Online 
-Also compatible with other tracking applications 
-Bluetooth® in-built in cradle 
-Supports Bluetooth® voice accessories 

PotsDOCK Cradle
Universal Mounting Arm
10-32V DC or AC pack & DC leads
Power Consumption at 12V DC
Standby - incl handset & RJ11 1.1W (90mA @ 12Vin)
Transmit - incl handset & RJ11 When battery charged 6W (0.5A @ 12Vin)
 200 x 75 x 65mm 
 7.9 x 3.0 x 2.6inches
 325 x 140 x 88mm 
Weight 0.32kg 1.3lbs
PotsDOCK 9555  
Operating Temperature Range -20 to +70 -4 to +158
Handset Operating Temperature Range
Degrees °C -10 to +55 Degrees °F -14 to +131
Charging Temp. Range 0 to +40 32 to 113
Operating Humidity Range < 85% RH non-condensing
Storage Temperature -30 to +70
Iridium 9555
USD $1,095.00
Beam IntelliDOCK
USD $550.00
Beam RapidSAT
USD $1,495.00
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