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ICOM IC-SAT100 Satellite Radio The IC-SAT100 is the Icom’s first handheld (SATELLITE PTT) radio that uses a satellite communication network. Unlike satellite phones, the IC-SAT100 will provide radio services to a number of users with a push of the transmit (PTT) button. It can be used as a communication tool in remote isolated areas where there are no mobile phones or landline network infrastructure, such as mountainous areas, remote islands, and desert areas.  Even if terrestrial network infrastructure is rendered unusable by human or natural disasters, satellite communication can provide a stable backup independent from other networks. The Iridium® satellite network covers the whole earth including both poles, and can provide wide area global communication anywhere on the planet. Using 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, it provides low-latency communication and broader, more reliable network coverage compared to Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit (GEO) satellites.

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USD $1,200.00
-Real-Time Communication with the Iridium® LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Satellite Network
-Total Global Coverage, including the Poles
-One-to-Many Communication (Up to 15 Groups)
-Emergency Button on the Top Panel
-1500 mW of Powerful Audio for Noisy Environments
-IP67 Waterproof, MIL-STD 810G, and a Durable Body
-Long Battery Life: 24 Hours (Standby Time), 7 Hours (Talk Time) (Approx.)
-Multiple Language Display (English, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish)
-Built-in Bluetooth® and GPS Receiver
-Priority Interrupt Calling and Short Data Messages
-SMA Type Antenna Connector for an External Antenna
-Weight: 300 g*1 (with BP-300, Supplied Battery Pack)
-Compatible with Other Iridium® PTT Models, including Iridium Extreme® PTT
-Interoperability*2  with IDAS™ and Analog Radios through the Optional VE-PG4, RoIP Gateway
Dimensions:  57.8 × 135 × 32.8 mm, 2.3 × 5.3 × 1.3 in
Weight (approximate): 360g, 12.7 oz (with BP-300 and antenna)
Display (W × H, approximate): 33 × 27 mm, 1.3 × 1.1 in (viewing area)
Operational temperature range: –30°C to +60°C, –22 °F to 140 °F

Audio Output Power: Internal speaker 1500 mW typical (At 5% distortion into an 8 Ω load)
Audio Output Power: External speaker 1000 mW typical (At 5% distortion into an 8 Ω load)

Battery life (Approximate): 14.5 hours (TX : RX : standby = 5 : 5 : 90)
Talkgroup:             15 groups (Maximum)
Antenna connector:     SMA



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