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Connection, Communication, Charity

Going abroad on mission you need equipment that keeps you headed to the goal.


Satellite Phones 

For the moments that communication is vital 

Satellite phones keep you connected and communicating with all the people that support your mission.

Rugged Laptops & Tablets

Computers that work as hard as you

Many brands and specifications.  Customize your needs to get the perfect and make sure it will last.

Satellite Phones for missionary and medical aide

Medical and other resources

Provide a means to reach the needed services
Satellite Phones for disaster communications

Disaster response

Help people connect with the ones they love
Satellite Phones for missionary to stay in touch

Spread the word

Communication is key

As you prepare for missionary and humanitarian deployment globally, you will need to be able to communicate globally. Well, Preferred Communications provides missionary and humanitarian groups with on-demand access to high-speed broadband terminals, voice, and M2M communications – keeping you connected anywhere and anytime. With the products that we can provide, you are able to live-stream quality video, send emails, get internet access and make voice calls. You have the ability to send reports and have access to real-time tracking for the security and safety of your personnel. These devices can withstand the harsh environment that you may encounter.

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