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MSAT-G2 Portable Radio w/Storage Case To communicate with the satellites, SkyTerra users employ the MSAT-G2. The MSAT-G2 is lightweight and can be installed in a building, in a vehicle, or packaged as a Go-Kit for portable satellite communications. A Go-Kit is an MSAT-G2 packaged in a durable, water-resistant container with a battery to supply power for remote and “on-the-go” operations.
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External case-mounted antenna connector with connector protector. The external connector allows antenna to remain connected with the case closed. External case-mounted 110 volt AC / 12 volt DC connector with connector protector.
Hughes transceiver unit 
PTT Handset 
Antenna with magnetic mount 
20’ of coaxial cable 
2.5 watt Audio Amplifier 
Internal Speaker 
External 1/4" Speaker Jack for Remote Monitoring 
Power on/off Switch 
Low Voltage and Charge Indicators 
20 amp Digital Metered Power Supply/Battery Charger 
Internal 7.5 amp hour Lead Acid Battery 
Internal Cooling Fan 
Cigarette Lighter Cable
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