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Hi everyone, Last year, I asked for help finding a new service provider for my SatPhone as I had found other vendors very difficult to work with. A couple of others shared similar misgivings. I found Preferred Communications which I wrote here to AAC gave me good service and a good feel when I made initial contact and helped me figure a contract that fit my cruising plans. For starters, they answered the phone rather than bumping me into a complicated phone tree. This season, I ran into a question on the use of my equipment that I could not solve and was loathe to contact the other vendor, who had sold me the equipment, because of past experiences. I also felt the answer was something simple and dumb, some setting that I had tweaked unknowingly. I decided to call Preferred Communications. Their phones are still answered by a real person. My go-to person was unavailable so I was given a tech person. He was unfamiliar with my below-decks docking equipment (remember, they did not sell me this equipment), but said he would do some research based on a picture I sent of my docking station and get back to me. He did, with- in and hour or so, with an email from our go-to person, Carlyn. We were quickly back to normal. So, they were not only responsive, but they were responsive to questions pertaining to equipment they had not sold me and were willing to extend themselves to do some research. Another pleasant and helpful gesture: a short period before my contract started I received an email with a primer on getting the satphone up and running after the winter lay-up and with a new contract. For those of us at an age where memory is an undependable commodity those kinds of crib-sheets are a blessing.

Dick Stevenson

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