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Center (TCVC), a project Itgel worked with the Tsaatan to establish. In the picture, Bayanjargal is using the satellite phone provided by Preferred Communications to call a tour operator based in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city, to give information on a trip the company had booked through the TCVC. It was the first time the community was able to communicate directly with tour operators, who in the past have exploited the community by selling trips to their homeland for thousands of dollars without including or benefiting the community in any way. This phone call was a milestone for the community and a moment I will never forget. Watching Bayanjargal proudly deliver invoice information for services provided to a far away company, knowing that a bank transfer would soon be on the way to fairly compensate the community, was an incredible experience. Thank you for making this moment possible!

Morgan Keay, Executive Director
The Itgel Foundation

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